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Quick GraphQL Tutorial For Beginners! Get Started Fast With GraphQL And Rails 6 | Week 12 – 20in20

GraphQL – What Is It? I had barely been exposed to GraphQL when I was first asked to cover it over on the <a href=””>Deanin</a> YouTube channel. My only experience was a brief demo done in one of my IT classes in College. Not one to shy away from a challenge, however, I finally decided […]

20in20 General Learning Rails 6 Ruby on Rails Software Development

Quickly Upload Videos To Your Blog Posts Using Action Text In Rails 6

Action Text With Videos – Is It Possible?! Obviously we all know that adding Action Text with videos to your blog posts is possible. If it wasn’t possible to use Active Storage video uploads in Action Text, this article wouldn’t exist after all! How do you upload videos using Action Text though? Well, stick around […]

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Add Devise And Bootstrap To Your Rails Project With One Click Using A Rails Template

Build your own Rails 6 template to add Devise and Bootstrap with one command by following week 8 of Deanin’s 20in20 challenge.