Hi, my name is Dean DeHart

I’m a software engineer based in Michigan. I specialize in full-stack development and my experience ranges from creating this website using WordPress to Machine Learning in Python.

I pride myself on enjoying my work and always pushing the boundaries of my own abilities. You’ve probably seen me around on my Deanin YouTube channel, where I teach things like Programming, Software Engineering, and Software Development.

Please don’t ever feel bad contacting me, even if it’s with questions at 3 AM. I will always try my best to respond because I understand that everyone reading this is human. If you’re just starting out on your programming journey, reach out. I’ll be happy to guide you.

Why Computer Science ?

I started at Oakland University in Fall, 2013. Originally I registered as PreMed with a major in Computer Science, hoping to become an Anesthesiologist. Software Development was just my backup plan in case things didn’t work out. In the Fall of 2014, however, I took my first real programming class. I fell in love instantly, had an amazing workshop instructor recommend I pursue software more seriously, and never looked back. I haven’t had a single day in my career where I didn’t love what I was doing.

My sophomore year of University I started my first game design company where I worked on a voxel terrain engine similar to the popular game Minecraft. The game used layers of 3D Perlin and Simplex noise to carve out the procedural terrain. These same noise algorithms were used for placing trees, generating caves, lakes, and more.

You can find a 2D example of using this noise over on my Pathfindout.com tool. Click on the terrain drop-down and select Simplex Terrain. You can also go to settings -> terrain if you’d like to see how the configuration for the noise works. I’ve included an HTML canvas that allows you to preview noise generation. If you run one of the weighted algorithms, you can find the shortest path from start to end node. Anyways, moving on.

That same year I began experimenting with Ruby on Rails and creating my own websites with the full-stack framework. Little did I know at the time how much I would come to love being in control of the entire stack of technologies. In February of 2018, my YouTube journey began.

Hello, I'm Deanin Deanout Deanio

My adventure on YouTube originally began as Deanout, covering Ruby on Rails 5.2 and creating some beginner-friendly tutorials. My goal was simple, I wanted to give back to the community who gave me so much. There were some amazing creators who helped me when I first started out, and I wanted to emulate that. I wanted to catch that new programmer, starting in 5.2, and be their up-to-date resource.

I was inspired by a few creators originally. Brilliant creators, like Ryan Bates, the creator of Railscasts, as well as Mackenzie Child, the creator of the Ruby on Rails 12 in 12 challenge. I really admired their teaching styles and video structures, and wanted to capture an updated version of that. After my first two videos, I decided to move my content to the Deanin YouTube channel. It didn’t have my old personal videos on it, and I wanted to start fresh.

Fast forward two years and the channel has gone from 0 to 2,000 subscribers with over 100,000 views. The reception has been so overwhelming, and the work continues to push me creatively. I’m eternally grateful for what the channel has accomplished, and proud of the work I’ve done. I wake up every morning looking forward to what’s next.

My Career

In the past I’ve really only worked one other job as an IT intern. My resume prior to getting hired was simply “Yep, I do YouTube and had good grades.” I really don’t think there’s a lot of point in trying to fluff out my career. I’m not that kind of person. 

I’m currently a software developer at Ricardo Defense, Inc. I’m a full-stack developer and professional-grade polyglot, meaning you can point me at a problem and I’ll solve it. My main skills are project and business management, though I’m usually happiest when I can code.

If you’re looking for my work history in detail, you can check out my Resume (PDF). If you’re looking for examples of my work, check out my GitHub. And finally, if you’re interested in seeing more of me, check out my YouTube channel Deanin. That’s usually a really good place to catch snapshots of my work. The reason is I’m probably not scheduling my uploads around your visits to the website.

My Skills

You can probably find examples of most of these technologies either on my GitHub or my YouTube channel. I’m just saying this because I really don’t appreciate resume padding. If I’ve listed a skill, please ask me about it and I’ll explain my experiences honestly. As for React, you can find that both on this very website, as well as on Pathfindout.com. I figure React and WordPress are fairly self-explanatory. This website is built with WordPress.

Oh, and Ruby on Rails too because I have over 50 tutorials on it over on YouTube. Some of these skills might exist inside of private repositories though, so feel free to ask.

Android, Animation, Apache2, C, C# (Unity), Common Lisp, C++ (Unreal Engine 4), CSS3, Directing, Express, Film Production, Git, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, Mysql, Nginx, PHP, Postgresql, Producing, Python, React, React-Native, Ruby on Rails, Scheme, SQLite, Video Editing, VueJS, WordPress, Xamerin, Project Management