Hi, I'm Deanin

You might know me as Deanin from YouTube. If not, then you might know me as Dean DeHart. But hey, maybe you don’t know me at all, and that’s okay too! I teach Ruby on Rails, Software Engineering and Software Development, Business, and other programming languages on my YouTube channel. I’ve embedded my YouTube feed on this page, to make it easy to see what my content is like!

Looking for my blog? You can find some of the recent blog posts down below, or you can click here to view my blog directly. Although a lot of my writing can be pretty technical, I always try to make it accessible.

For business inquiries please contact dehartdean@gmail.com. My web-safe resume is available here (PDF).

The Fullstack Linktree Clone Course

Learn by doing with this fullstack Linktree clone course. With almost two hours of free content, this $9.99 course is an excellent place to start your Ruby on Rails 7 fullstack development journey.

While the free version covers the basics of creating a fullstack Linktree clone, such as user accounts, profile images, and usernames, the premium course covers the more difficult to approach topics such as:

  1. Improving User Experience

  2. Tracking Daily Views & Click Analytics

  3. Graphing Multiple Datasets In Responsive Combination Charts
Rails Change DB
Ruby on Rails

Rails Change Database

How to Change Rails Database If you’re like me, you probably always forget what the command is to change databases in your Ruby on Rails

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