Setting up a Minecraft server installation is usually a pain, so I set up some instructions here for connecting. These steps should outline the entire process from start to finish for how you can connect to the Deanin/Deanout server!

Latest Patch

The latest patch can be found here: https://deanin.com/blog/mystical-technologies/

Step 1 - Downloading The Dependencies

The server runs on three dependencies. The first is the Valhelsia Modpack. The second is the Simple Proximity Chat mod, which allows us to talk to each other. The final is the actual Minecraft launcher, which we use CurseForge for because it’s very simple to setup.

Download the Modpack Profile here.

Download the CurseForge Client here.

Step 2 - Importing The Modpack Profile

Importing the modpack should be as simple as clicking “Create Custom Profile” in the Curse launcher. Afterwards, there’s a small “Import” button that will allow you to select the zip file you downloaded in step 1.

Just select the zip, and the client will download the mods for you. Once the downloads are done, launch the game. Your first launch might crash with a runtime exception. Just launch again and it should work.

Step 3 - Connecting

Connecting to the server just requires you to enter the URL deanout.com and you’ll be connected. Don’t forget to configure your proximity chat settings by pressing “V” in-game. This allows you to speak with people nearby, either with active voice or push-to-talk.

Step 4 - Troubleshooting

We ran into a unique error where one of the players specifically had really high ping on only this server. The solution ended up being to not use the Curse Launcher, and instead modify the initial .minecraft directory. I’m assuming this is due to some sort of Windows permissions issue with the directory the Curse launcher uses.

So, you’ll want to copy the folders in the image below into your Mineraft installation. You’ll then want to install the Fabric launcher’s client version, and select version 1.18.1.

Finally, you’ll want to open your Minecraft, click the Fabric profile. Click installations, then click the Fabric Launcher’s “…” option. Click more options and then edit the JVM arguments so that they include -Xmx4G -Xms2G. The first sets the maximum ram (4GB) to give Java, the second sets the minimum ram. Adjust as needed.

Launch Minecraft and try to connect again.


And there you have it. You should be fully connected to the server. Just try not to be too mean to the other players, or I’ll have to be an adult. And nobody wants me to be an adult.