A Paradise Twice Lost

The Rejoining

The Rejoining

The ancient discovery of The Nether, a Paradise Lost, and The End. Where exactly is everything? If The End exists, does that imply a Beginning? And how might one arrive there?

These questions have begged scholars for time immemorial. Until today. Following the recent incursion of less than savory magic users, Deanin LLC has begun outsourcing research to those who are qualified. It is through this collaboration that a wonderful plan began to come together. If we were unable to come to the conclusion, we could make the conclusions come to us. That was the plan, at least.

Plans change, however. The rejoining went off seemingly without a hitch, though the results remain to be seen. So far the only thing we’ve managed to do is curse ourselves. Or perhaps it’s a blessing? Either way, you’ll find bedrock is now replaced by obsidian when the conditions are right.

Anether Miscalculation

During our research, we seem to have misplaced The Nether! Our researchers assure us that we can get these portals up and running again, but as of right now there seems to be no way of reconnecting with The Nether! And to make matters worse, it seems The End portal is now also on the fritz. I wonder if this is a result of The Rejoining?

What Lies Below

As work progressed and steady progress was made, some questions began to arise. Where had the missing equipment gone from the failed excursions through The End? Occasionally, someone would lose grip of a tool and it would never be seen again. Should anyone be brave, or foolish, enough to attempt to retrieve their belongings, they too are never heard from again.

What exactly lurks beneath the End? There could be only one way to find out. One of the researchers had to be sent in ahead. We are still awaiting their return…

Oh, The Places You'll Go

The quest for answers will take you near and far, driving you to the depths of your despairs before allowing you to reach new heights. Along your journey, you may discover lands afloat with new treasures, biomes, and structures. Should you manage to venture far enough, you may even rediscover A Paradise Twice lost. Maybe it is near there that one might find The Beginning.

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