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Mystical Technologies

Mystical Technologies

As the technological revolution continues towards its apex, the forces of nature begin to tap into deeper mysticism in order to further rebel. Due to the failures of the rebellions, and the repeated missteps of the Eldritch, The Leadership has decided to opted to more… sinister methods.

It’s not all bad news, however, as the local brew masters have begun to distill their knowledge amongst the population. Should you fancy a drink, you may begin to find some lying around. You may also wish to turn to the skill yourself, albeit indoors. Outdoor drinking is strictly prohibited by Deanin LLC as it’s unsightly.

The Infestation

The infestation nation has initiated general mobilization. Through a covert espionage unit, an initial wave of creatures has begun its march towards the capitol. In an attempt to sow chaos amongst the technological headquarters, they have even resorted to the recruitment of witches.
These witches are powerful forces of nature who are incredibly in-tune with their well tended gardens. Through a communion, even you might be tempted to join their forces. Should you resist, however, you may find yourself cast into the pits with their demon cohorts. In the event of an infection-or worse, a deal-Deanin LLC will institute a swift cleansing operation.
It should be noted that the headquarters of Deanin LLC has a strict No Demon, Werewolf, or Vampire policy. Transgressions will not be tolerated.

You Ore'nt Going To Believe This

As the dissemination of technology continues, and its effects spread, you’ve begun to notice the sophistication of the goblins increasing. One goblin in particular has caught your eye. Recently declared the Rat King, an infested as been tinkering away in their lair across the river from the capitol.

Their most recent invention has caused quite the stir, as they’ve managed to conjure up a means of harvesting XP from Crops (Evan’s mod!) This new technology will allow you to gain marginal amounts of experience as you farm. Should you learn enough, you may even find yourself beginning on the journey to croptopia, a mystical land where supplies rival that of an established town quarry. Tread carefully, however, as Deanin LLC may wish to establish a less competitive environment for its resources….

The Leadership

Repeated failures can only be tolerated for so long. The Leadership has decided to take matter into its own hands. The Night LichObsidilith, and The Void Blossom have decided to take it upon themselves to squash this invasion of their lands. Punishment will be swift and absolute should they find the transgressors. Beware, as their hunt has begun…

Updating To Deanout Valhelsia 1.3.0

Take a deep breath, we’ll get through this difficult upgrade process together.

1. Download this (1.3.1) zip file.

2. Launch your Curse Forge Client.

3. If Minecraft crashes, launch it again.

4. Play the game.

Features and Fixes

  1. TBD

Known Issues

  • TBD

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